PC PROJECT Management aims and commits:

  • In meeting the needs of its customers in every transaction with the company.
  • In the security and protection of information concerning all interested parties of the business
  • In the continuous improvement of the quality of the services it provides to its customers, so that their needs are met to the maximum extent possible
  • In providing all the necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Information Security Policy
  • In the proper operation of the business, following faithfully and without deviation everything referred to in the current legislation and related to its activity as well as information security

The information security policy as well as the information security objectives are defined and are fully compatible with the framework and strategic direction of the Company. Objectives are set and maintained as part of internal control, monitoring and systems review processes with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction. Increasing sales at all levels of the business while retaining or increasing staff interact and collaborate with high customer satisfaction, elimination of complaints and system non-conformances

In the above framework, PC PROJECT aims:

  • in the development and institutionalization of simple and flexible operating procedures
  • in the standardization of work methods.
  • in ensuring the stability of the security of the services offered
  • in the development of early prevention, problem detection and information security mechanisms.
  • in the improvement and modernization of the company’s organizational structures.
  • in increasing customer satisfaction


It is PC PROJECT’s belief that the implementation of the Information Security System according to the ISO 27001:2013 standard will contribute the most to the realization of the company’s goals.

We firmly believe that the quality and security of information is achieved by the proper organization of the company as well as by the analysis, recording, institutionalization, and implementation of clear operating procedures and specific policies which are faithfully followed by everyone, until the desired final result is produced.

We declare that in the company:

  • Safety is the driving force behind all its activities.
  • Information security is fully consistent with the company’s operating philosophy
  • The final judges of service quality are the customers