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PC PROJECT specializes in the provision and maintenance of IT solutions, while providing full technical support.

Our role extends from the design and installation of computerized systems to the development, support and installation of computerized warehouses. Based on the specific needs of each business, we ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored and effective.

In addition, we place special emphasis on staff training, offering training programs for the smooth adaptation and excellent handling of new computer programs.

We aim to create an environment where staff are familiar with and able to harness the potential of new technologies to perform their duties optimally. In all our steps, we ensure that the computerization of your business is not only efficient but also easily accessible and understandable by all involved.

We go beyond basic computerization, offering complete solutions for the seamless operation of your business. We provide specialized services for printing and photocopying machines, which, in addition to installation and maintenance, also include supply of consumables.

In addition, we undertake the management and installation of local servers, offering solutions with sufficient storage capacity and processing power. By combining our extensive range of services, we ensure the overall success and smooth operation of your technology systems.


Full support for your photocopying and printing needs. In addition to machine installation, support and repairs, you can rely on us for your consumables needs.

Server setup and management

We take care of every aspect of your local server with the guarantee of top security, full compliance with your industry regulations and a commitment to reliability and uninterrupted operation.


Anxiety about modern equipment and a serious support framework becomes a thing of the past. Equip your workspace with state-of-the-art workstations with a budget-friendly solution.

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